Monday, January 5, 2009

field recordings from Bokeo nature reserve, Northern Laos

Here are some sounds that I recorded on a trip to the bokeo nature reserve in northern Laos. These were made using a Rhode NT4 stereo mic, an Apogee Duet audio interface and an Apple Macbook running Ableton Live 7.

Everything had to be carried into the forest in one back pack. This setup was designed to be as light and portable as possible because the terrain is extremely mountainous. At the same time I wanted to be sure of getting a proffessional standard recording. The whole kit performed well and I'm happy with the way that the recordings turned out. Battery life was pretty limited, with about two hours of record time.

There was only one little incident where I lost my thong while wading across a river. Without thinking, I ran after it and luckily caught it before the water came too far up into my backpack. Since the bag is water resistant and the really sensitive bits were packed water tight, no problem.

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