Monday, November 17, 2008

Pure Data

this one is so cool, it gets capital letters on its name.

this is a link to a website containing the download link for pure data. it's music creation software created as a free version by the author of Max, Miller Puckette.

its so much more than that, but you get the idea

serious sound bizness, this one

and this is the link to Miller's book, Theory and Techniques of Electronic Music Production

add some dub reverb

maybe you'd like to add a little authentic dub reverb to your production? here is a link to a post that has authentic dub IR's (impulse response), including King Tubby's spring reverb!

you'll need these IR's (don't worry all is explained after the jump)

these ones sound cool too, quantum hall effects

and you'll need a plug in capable of running IR's

this one is called sonic birth. it's open source. how good is that!

dub me selecta

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

boomstix music on virb

some dubs

chillaxing dubby vibes
sub bass to rumble your tummy

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

great sample blog

hit the sweet samples...couldn't be better

hip hoppers, don't miss the breaks section, it's here

so you want samples?

hit the link and get busy.

can be a bit of a f*ck around but worth it to leech gigs of drum hits and more